About us

Dear clients, partners and friends.

Sajema d.o.o. is a private company founded on March 09, 1993 in Zagreb. In the beginnings of its business, continuous growth and advancement, Sajema d.o.o. has been selling books by all Croatian publishers and all profiles. In the year 2000, Sajema d.o.o. The company specializes in the distribution of professional literature in the field of construction, architecture and related technical activities, and becomes one of the first companies in the Croatian market to offer professional literature from all over the region.

In the meantime, we expanded and expanded our existing product offerings with new, underrepresented products in our market, the expert manual “Building Tables” and the Gravien Browser software solution (later Gravien2008). After years of business and constant expansion of our offer, in addition to existing ones, we have positioned ourselves as a leader in the supply of professional literature in the field of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Ultimately, this resulted in the publication of one of the best books in the engineering profession called the Kraut Mechanical Manual. Our core business, as already stated, is the distribution and publishing of professional literature, therefore Sajema d.o.o. continues to grow and expand in the region, with the desire to strengthen its position as the best distributor in the regional market. Sajema d.o.o. continuously invests in its organizational and physical infrastructure to enable its planned growth. Since its inception, the company has reinvested all its profits into financing continued growth and will continue to do so in the future. Professional Bookstore at Your Service… Sajema d.o.o – a professional bookstore that is at the service of your professional development in terms of offering top quality professional literature. A “professional bookstore” is not a potent description of what we think we are, but the motto of what we want to be – a company that not only offers and sells but also offers its “products” enhances your profession and business and thus generates new plans and jobs.

The mission of Sajema d.o.o. is to be innovative, “broad” in our offer and a professional bookstore that is at your service to our partners and friends in building a joint, better and more successful business. A “professional bookstore” is the direction we choose to go to. The modern way of doing business and the rhythm of life, regardless of all the technology and continuous development, does not guarantee anyone either perfection, infallibility or market advantage. The only thing that is certain is that the pace of life and business is getting faster, the changes that are “happening” are becoming increasingly difficult to monitor, anticipate and anticipate. In this fast-paced world of change, we too are changing and striving to constantly improve ourselves – we are ready to acknowledge our mistakes and mistakes, learn from them and are determined not to repeat them. The beauty of doing business together is that the success of you, our partners is both joy and pride and that of your professional bookstore. Our vision is a “better tomorrow” in which each partner has its own unique value and enriches the whole community with its contribution. Our role and goal in business – to be an inexhaustible source from which you, our partners, can draw on ideas, improve your knowledge and skills that will help you build your own values. If you have an idea or maybe a project, come to us with confidence and bring it to us.

We are always ready to listen to you, elaborate your idea and realize it, because ultimately we are partners for a better tomorrow! Your Sajema d.o.o.