How to register?

How to register on

Click on a link

Registering new users is very easy, with just one click on “Register or Login” located at the top of the website, create your account. Clicking on “Register or Login” opens a new page where you are offered “Login” if you are already an existing user of or “Registration” to become a new user. You select the “Register” option.

Enter your details

For registration enter a valid email address in the box and confirm by clicking in the box that you are not a robot. If you want to receive the latest news and the actions that we have, applly to the newsletter by clicking in the box next to “Newsletter”. Then click on the “Register” to create your account.
NOTE: a password will be sent to your mail address.
The My Account page opens automatically for you to manage your shipping addresses, account details (change name, set your password, etc.).

Updating your details

If you would like to set a new password so that you don’t have to remember the automatically-generated password that was sent to you, click on “Account Details” located on the left side within the “My Account” page.

You will be presented with fields for entering data that you can freely change. The section “Change Password” is where you need to copy the password you received in the mail. Furthermore, in the “New password” field, enter the new desired password and confirm the desired password in the “Confirm new password” field. Finally, click “Save Changes” to save any changes you have made.

Want to become a part of our team?

Register by clicking onlink and create your account. If you have any problems feel free to contact us here.