How to shop?

Initial Step: Product Selection and Registration

Within our offer, find the product or products you want. There are several ways to find the products you want. The fastest and easiest way is to type in the search term in the Search Engine (located in the header of the website). It could be a book title, a book author, or something else that would directly lead to the product you are looking for. If you do not want to search, you can easily find the product you want through categories and subcategories.  Once you have found the product you want, click on it to see its description. Then, by checking the price, you add the product to your cart by clicking “Add to Cart”. You will automatically see a green box above the book title stating that the product you want has been added to your cart. You have the option of looking at the basket or continuing your purchase and looking for another product from the range of You can change the number of products in the basket, and in case you do not like the selection, you can freely click the X to remove the product from the basket. Furthermore, clicking on “Start Payment” leads you to login or registration (if you are unfamiliar with the registration process on the website you can see all the details on this link.)

Next step: “Billing and shipping information”

The “Billing and Delivery Information” step opens automatically, where you enter all the required (*) information. In the “Name” field, type your name, in the “Last name” field, enter your last name, in the “Email” field, enter your valid email address. In the “Company name (optional)” field, enter the Company name only if you are buying to a business. Furthermore, the “EU VAT (OIB for the company)” if you are firm necessarily enter OIB company, and if you are a natural person is required to enter “0”. Further, you proceed according to the same principle of data entry depending on what you are looking for in each field.

If the billing address you provided previously is not the same as the one you are sending your order to, click the checkbox next to “Deliver to a different address?” To provide additional fields for entering another valid shipping address. NOTE: if the address is the same leave the box blank.

Finally, click the box next to “I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and Website Terms” to confirm that you agree to all the Terms of Service and Terms. Clicking “Next” to continue the purchase process.

Next step: “Payment information”

The “Payment Information” step opens where you are offered payment methods (more information about payment methods is availablehere). You can choose between card payment (using CorvusPay billing system), payment by bank transfer and cash on delivery. Selecting each one gives you a brief description of each payment method so you can be better informed about the next step.
Below the payment method you will have a brief overview of your products in the cart and choose the delivery method whether you will personally pick up the products at the office address or whether your products will be delivered to the address with Croatian Post. If you clicked on the card payment, a charge card fee item is displayed that is 5% of the amount of all products in the cart. At the very bottom you have the total sum of all costs depending on your choice with VAT included.
Click “Next” to continue to the last step of “Order Overview”.

Next step: “Order overview”

You will be presented with an overview of all products, shipping method and any additional fees (if any) and the total VAT included. Below that are “Customer Details” showing your valid information, email address, phone number, billing address, and shipping address. Clicking “Finish Order” automatically takes you to the CorvusPay page where you enter the card details from which you make the payment. By clicking “PAY” you are making a purchase. In the event that you have made a mistake or wish to add/subtract one of the products, you can click “Cancel” to return to the shopping cart page at