Digital processing and reconstruction of complex ac signals – Predrag B. Petrović , Milorad R. Stevanović

autor: Predrag B. Petrovic , Milorad R. Stevanovic
broj stranica: 280
godina izdanja: 2009
vrsta uveza: tvrdi
dimenzije knjige širina i visina: 24*17 cm
jezik: engleski

173,00 kn


In real electronic systems, voltage and current signals are not necessarily of periodic quantity, due to the presence of nonharmonic components and/or possible stochastic variation. This book presents in four chapters methods for analyzing and processing and reconstructing complex signals.1. Introductions and basic principles. 2. Digital processing of synchronously sampled AC signals in presence of interharmonics and subharmonics. 3. Reconstruction of nonuniformly sampled AC signals, and 4. New method of processing of bassic electrical valued based on definition formula in time domain

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