Robots – What Everyone Needs to Know – Phil Husbands

autor: Phil Husbands
broj stranica: 208
godina izdanja: October 2021.
vrsta uveza: tvrdi uvez
jezik: engleski
ISBN13: 9780198845386


Robots – What Everyone Needs to Know – Phil Husbands


Phil Husbands introduces the field of robotics, where it has come from, and where it might go in the future. Explaining the technology underlying robots and their capabilities today, he also considers both the ethical problems of robots with increasing intelligence, and the wider socio-political challenges they create.

  • A quick and accessible introduction to the field of robotics
  • Discusses the technology underlying robotics, and gives insights into how robots work
  • Uncovers the surprising origins of modern robotics in entertainment, advertising and neurobiology
  • Debunks some of the myths about the imminent development of super-intelligent robots taking over the world
  • Explains what current robots really can do, and what they can’t, and explores the ethical issues that are generated by our use of robots

Table of Contents


1: Robots are Here
2: The Basics
3: Some History
4: Inside the Machine
5: Robot Fantasies: Robots in Popular Culture
6: Intelligence, Super-Intelligence and Cyborgs
7: Robots at Work
8: Robot Ethics
9: Robot Futures

About the Author(s)

Phil Husbands, Research Professor of Artificial Intelligence, University of Sussex

Phil Husbands is Research Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Sussex. He has been a leading researcher in AI, Robotics and Artificial Life for more than 30 years. He is one of the originators of the field of evolutionary robotics, was founding co-director of the Sussex Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics and has worked extensively with industry. His research is wide ranging but centres on adaptive systems in robotics, AI and neuroscience. He is also a historian of AI and cybernetics.

Robots – What Everyone Needs to Know – Phil Husbands

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