Twist & Build

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autor: Karel Vollers
broj stranica: 288
godina izdanja:
vrsta uveza: meki
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:
jezik: engleski

5,113.13 дин.


Architects like Frank O. Gehry prefer to approach their designs as sculptors. Ironically, they can only get away with this because of the existence of computer programs. In this architectural struggle to get from ‘blob ideas’ tod architecture that can actually be built, the work of Karel Vollers plays an important role. He bridges the gap between shape complexity and building technology by restricting his design research to twisted facades. Vollers starts his intriguing quest at town planning level, exploring indications of slanting and perpendicular lines. From there on he continues analysing twisted building volumes. With the acquired knowledge he develops various opportunities for buildings, and designs a number of awesome twisted buildings in real urban situations

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